The Many Causes of A Stuffy Nose In The Morning

Published: 14th May 2010
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When a person suffers from a stuffy nose and is unable to breath due to this, the condition is called nasal congestion. Usually, this is caused by bacteria located in your sinuses. People that suffer from nasal congestion usually wake up with a stuffy nose in the morning which is caused by the build up of mucous in their nasal passages while they sleep.

Sinuses are nothing more than air filled spaces located in a person's skull. They are located at the back your forehead, in the nasal bones, the cheeks and your eyes also have a mucous membrane lining. If your sinuses are healthy, bacteria or other organisms will not be present. They should be sterile and open allowing easy drainage and the circulation of air.

Cilia are small hairs that the sinus cavities use to help with the movement of mucous through the nasal passage. When these are damaged, this may lead to a clogged nose in the morning caused by mucous stagnation. Bacteria also like to breed in this area which can lead to an infection, so it's important to treat this problem before it becomes chronic sinusitis.

Another cause of sinus problems in the morning is an allergic reaction that may be happening while you sleep. Since your body is unable to properly secrete and allow the flow of mucous, breathing will become difficult leading to a stuffy nose.

Sometimes, all it takes to make you have a sinus headache, post nasal drip or a stuffy nose is a change in the weather. Despite popular belief, cold weather doesn't cause you to catch a cold, but it can cause you to have sinus problems.

Allergic reactions from environmental factors and the food that you eat and even hormonal changes may also cause you a stuffy nose. Pregnant women are among the most often affected by sinus issues caused by hormones.

Another thing you should take in to consideration is sometimes the medication you're taking can cause the sinus discomfort. If you suddenly start suffering from a stuffy nose when you wake up in the morning and you just started taking a new medication, you may want to consider finding an alternative.

If you want to take proactive steps towards preventing a stuffy nose in the morning, you may want to perform a daily cleaning of your nasal passages. This can be done with a nasal spray and will also help eradicate germs and other irritants.

You need to be aware that a stuffy nose is usually the first sign of an infection. This is the time when it is most easily treated. If left untreated, then you run the risk of developing chronic sinusitis.

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